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Creative workplace between art, the Baltic Sea and the Bodden.

Experience the perfect blend of work and relaxation in Ahrenshoop – a Baltic Sea resort that has been a place of artistic creation since the 19th century. Imagine working just 100 meters away from dunes and the sea. Your workplace offers not only a productive atmosphere but also a terrace with a view of the Baltic Sea. Our location is on the enchanting Darß peninsula in the heart of Ahrenshoop. Here, first-class working opportunities and relaxed breaks await you. Your workation in Ahrenshoop harmoniously combines work and leisure. Enjoy this place that has always been a source of inspiration for creatives and free spirits. 🎨💼🏝️

Discover now the ideal environment for your workation in Ahrenshoop on the enchanting Darß peninsula and book your inspiring stay!

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Working on site: productivity meets inspiring environment

Work along the picturesque Baltic Sea, surrounded by the breathtaking backdrop of the Darß peninsula. Our coworking space offers you the unique opportunity to be productive by the sea while simultaneously enjoying the relaxation and beauty of Fischland Darß-Zingst. Our exclusive waterfront location allows you to let your gaze wander over the sea directly from your workplace.

Our coworking space is carefully designed to provide you with an optimal working environment. You will find comfortable workstations and well-equipped retreat corners that allow for undisturbed phone calls. In a separate room with an outdoor terrace, you can work with focus while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. The individual tables are perfect for focused work in a quiet atmosphere.

During breaks, the picturesque beach awaits you right outside the door. Enjoy a relaxed lunch break with a walk by the water and let your thoughts recharge with fresh energy. When hunger calls, the in-house restaurant & café are there to indulge you with delicious lunchtime snacks.

Our coworking areas extend throughout the entire hotel area, including the garden. You can work in different locations according to your preferences, whether inside or outside. This way, you can flexibly design your workday and fully enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of the Darß peninsula. Welcome to a new era of working that perfectly combines productivity and relaxation.

Workshops & group work: Creative spaces for effective collaboration

Our coworking space is the perfect place for teams that want to work together productively. Whether for workshops, meetings, or project sessions – there is the option to book the entire space for inspiring breaks with the whole team. Discover the flexibility to equip the entire space according to your requirements and needs. Our rooms are optimally equipped with projectors, whiteboards, and comfortable seating areas for professional teamwork. 

Experience the advantages of a customizable working environment that takes your collaboration to a new level and inspires your team.

Work, relax and sleep: enjoy the feeling of being at home

The lovingly designed rooms and suites in the Artists' Quarter not only offer a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, the characteristic thatched-roof houses of Ahrenshoop, and the glittering Baltic Sea but also invite you to take relaxed strolls in a picturesque setting. Wander through the charming surroundings and let yourself be enchanted by their inspiring atmosphere. You can even work in the entire hotel area, including the garden, and enjoy the fresh air.

Your day begins with a delicious breakfast in the hotel's own restaurant and ends with culinary highlights in the evening. In each restaurant, you will find a successful blend of regional and international influences that bring you closer to the diversity of culinary arts.

The exclusive beachfront location gives you the opportunity to relax by the sea after work. Our spacious wellness area with saunas, adventure showers, and relaxation loungers invites you to unwind and ensures lasting recovery during your stay. As special highlights, you can rent beach chairs on-site at the hotel and borrow sustainable bamboo bicycles

Experience the unique flair of the Artists' Quarter, where working, relaxing, and staying overnight seamlessly blend together. Enjoy the feeling of home during your workation at one of the most beautiful spots along the Baltic Sea coast.

Discover Ahrenshoop: unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation

Welcome to the enchanting Baltic Sea resort of Ahrenshoop on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula! Here, the breathtaking nature between the Baltic Sea and Bodden, a rich tradition as a fishing village and artists' colony, and modern vacation comfort combine to create a unique experience.

Behind the dunes stretches the vast Baltic Sea beach with its characteristic beach chairs, ideal for sunbathing, relaxing, and swimming. Cycling and hiking trails lead through steep coasts, Bodden meadows, and coastal forests, all the way to the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft.

The cafés and restaurants in Ahrenshoop offer culinary highlights, including finely tuned dishes with fresh fish from the Baltic Sea and the Bodden.

At the Althäger harbor, you can enjoy the nostalgic flair of the traditional Zeesen boats and explore the Saaler Bodden, a paradise for surfers, sailors, and kiters.

Over 125 years ago, the fascinating interplay of nature and light attracted landscape painters. Today, art houses like the Künstlerhaus Lukas continue this creative tradition.

The Art Museum, founded in 2013, delights with its architecture and shows the art historical development from the artists' colony to the present day.

Stroll in the footsteps of the painters, enjoy exhibitions, traditional arts and crafts, and cultural events. Experience an unforgettable workation in Ahrenshoop, where adventure and relaxation go hand in hand. 

Travelling on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula: What you should have seen

Discover the fascinating connection between nature and culture in all its facets on the enchanting peninsula of Fischland-Darß-Zingst. Half an island, twice as beautiful—you can explore the picturesque beaches of the Baltic Sea, experience the national park, discover idyllic villages, or relax on traditional Zeesen boat tours.

The peninsula chain of Fischland-Darß-Zingst impresses with its remarkable diversity and is one of the most popular travel destinations along the Baltic coast. Here, golden Baltic beaches, picturesque Bodden coasts, vast horizons, and pristine forests merge into a unique landscape. This incomparable natural beauty has been rightly protected as a national park since 1990, and the world-famous Darßer Weststrand is considered one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide.

Each place in this region—whether it's a family-friendly Baltic resort, a quiet retreat, or a traditional artists' colony—has its own unmistakable character. Here, every visitor finds what they are looking for: be it cultural inspiration, sporting activities, intense enjoyment of nature, or relaxed hours on the beach.

Do you want to learn more about the unique attractions? Discover the captivating history of the region and its iconic places like the Künstlerhaus Lukas or the impressive Art Museum. Let yourself be excited by the unforgettable events and cultural offerings that take place throughout the year in Fischland-Darß-Zingst.

This peninsula shows its own special side in every season. Dive into summery swimming experiences, witness autumnal natural spectacles like the majestic crane migration, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in winter. Here, a workation is worthwhile at any time of the year!

Smooth journey guaranteed: The best routes and mobility on site

Your unforgettable Ahrenshoop experience begins with the first smooth journey to us. The small Baltic Sea resort is easily accessible by car via the A19 and A20 motorways, followed by the B105. Enjoy the picturesque drive through the idyllic landscape of Fischland-Darß-Zingst as you approach our charming coastal town. Parking is available directly at the hotel, allowing you to maintain your mobility throughout your stay.

Arrival by train is also straightforward. The best stop is Ribnitz-Damgarten West station, from where you can take bus 210 towards Ahrenshoop. The bus ride already offers a first glimpse of the fascinating surroundings and gets you into the holiday mood right away.

In Ahrenshoop, you can comfortably get around on foot or by bicycle. The picturesque streets invite you to take relaxing walks, and by bike, you can explore the surroundings flexibly. You can cycle for miles on the dyke with a view of the Baltic Sea. If you want to cover longer distances or plan excursions to the surrounding areas, local buses are available. They take you to the main destinations and allow you to explore the area without any hassle. 

We want you to enjoy every minute of your stay in Ahrenshoop – from your arrival to exploring our enchanting region. If you have any questions about getting here or local mobility, we are happy to help.

Pet-friendly workation: Office and travelling with four-legged friends

Don't want to miss the company of your beloved four-legged friend on vacation? With us, that's no problem at all. Many rooms in the Artists' Quarter are specifically designed for stays with dogs. Your faithful companion will receive a delicious welcome gift and two bowls as a warm greeting. A cozy blanket awaits you in the room – a lovely reminder of your Baltic Sea vacation that you are welcome to take home with you. Even after a swim in the Baltic Sea, a protective bathrobe for your dog is available, which you can borrow from the hotel.

You can also easily order the right food for your dog from us. 

In our co-working areas, your faithful companion is also a welcome guest everywhere.

Prepare for a pet-friendly workation with us, where your four-legged friends are warmly welcomed. Enjoy your stay to the fullest – together with your lovable companions.

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