Friesland Bay

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Varel (Friesland): Your idyllic retreat for work and relaxation on the Friesland Bay

Varel attracts visitors with its charming mix of nature, culture and North Sea flair. Between the Jade Bay and the extensive forests, Workation guests will find a peaceful retreat that allows them to work productively in nature. After work, cozy cafés and the quaint old town are waiting to be discovered. Varel is the perfect place to immerse yourself in work while enjoying the beautiful North German way of life. 🌲🖥️🍰

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Working on site: productivity meets inspiring environment

 The location of Varel is fascinating due to its close proximity to the Jade Bay and the surrounding forests. Here you can work in one of the many beach cafés while enjoying the region's special coffee. The mixture of natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere makes Varel an ideal place for creative and productive work.

Workshops & group work: Creative spaces for effective collaboration

Fully equipped seminar rooms and a large conference hall are available in Varel, complemented by an extensive coworking space. Ideal for events that require a combination of professionalism and an inspiring atmosphere.

Work, relax and sleep: enjoy the feeling of being at home

Varel Bay is another holistic workation location that delights guests with its tranquil atmosphere and modern amenities. The rooms are stylishly designed and offer the perfect space to work, relax and sleep. Guests will find free Wi-Fi, a work area and inviting bathrooms. The surrounding area of Varel invites you to enjoy walks along the coast and culinary discoveries.

Discover Varel in Friesland: unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation

Varel, nestled between the Jade Bay and extensive forests, not only offers cultural highlights such as historic windmills and the castle, but is also a mecca for nature lovers. The Dangaster Seefront and the nearby Kurpark are ideal places for relaxing afternoons. Cultural events and the Spijöök Maritime Museum enrich the offer. Varel is therefore the perfect place for those who want to work in nature and explore the region's culture and history at the same time.

On the road in Friesland: what you should have seen

Varel fascinates with its location on the Jade Bay and offers a perfect combination of culture and nature. Explore the historic castle, the windmills or enjoy the maritime atmosphere at the harbor. The region is known for its wind energy parks, which makes Varel an interesting location for those interested in sustainability. The proximity to the Wadden Sea offers unique nature experiences and the North Sea beaches invite you to relax. Varel is a place where history, culture and modern industry flow harmoniously together.

Smooth arrival guaranteed: The best routes and mobility on site

Varel is easily accessible by car via regional roads and the nearby highway. Parking facilities should be available in the surrounding area.

Public transportation: Varel is connected to regional train and bus lines that support local travel and mobility.

The city of Varel and its surroundings are bicycle-friendly, and there may be local bike rental services to explore the city and nearby nature.

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