Heide Bay

The Workation location for you and your dog.

 The workation location for dog lovers and active people

At Heide Bay am Bernsteinsee near Wolfsburg, a crystal-clear bathing lake with a sandy beach, beach club and water ski facility lies at your feet. The spacious resort borders directly on the Elbe Lateral Canal and is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Südheide. You can start hiking, jogging and cycling right from the front door.

This location offers ideal conditions and a dog-friendly atmosphere for workouts with dogs. Bernsteinsee is the venue for the 2023 and 24th Federal Dog Games. 🌲🐾💼🌊

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Coffee, water & tea flat rate
Internet & Wifi
Water sports
SUP hire
Beach access
Summer garden
Beach volleyball
Dogs beach
Golf course
Water skiing

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Working On-Site: Productivity Meets Inspiring Environment

Bernsteinsee offers a modern workation oasis, perfect for those who want to combine work and relaxation in an idyllic setting. Here, on the edge of crystal-clear lakes, you can be productive amidst the natural beauty of Lower Saxony, with your loyal dog by your side. This unique place promotes both creativity and concentration, offering an inspiring view that makes working a real experience. It's a place where modern working approaches and the tranquility of nature go hand in hand.

Workshops & Group Work: Creative Spaces for Effective Collaboration

At Bernsteinsee, you will find excellent facilities for workshops and group work, perfectly suited for effective and creative collaboration. The specially designed spaces offer an inspiring atmosphere that is ideal for small to medium-sized groups. They are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to create a productive and pleasant working environment. Each room has its own charm and offers a unique view of the surrounding nature, making it a special place for meetings and events.

Work, Relax, and Sleep: Enjoy the Feeling of Home

At Bernsteinsee, amidst the picturesque nature of Lower Saxony, Project Bay Hotel offers an exceptional workation experience that is especially dog-friendly. Guests can work and relax in comfortable and modern accommodations while enjoying the spectacular view of the lake. The hotel provides a unique blend of nature, comfort, and work opportunities, making it ideal for a productive yet relaxed getaway. With a variety of leisure activities and a dog-friendly policy, it is a perfect place for those traveling with their four-legged companions and looking to both work and relax.

Discover Bernsteinsee: Unforgettable Adventures and Pure Relaxation

Discover Bernsteinsee, a hidden gem in Lower Saxony, distinguished by its natural beauty and diverse recreational opportunities. This picturesque place offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Enjoy activities such as water sports, hiking, cycling, and explore the surrounding forests and lakes. Bernsteinsee is also ideal for relaxing walks and offers the opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy. It is a dream destination for those seeking nature experiences and relaxation.

While at Bernsteinsee: Things You Must See

The area around Bernsteinsee in Lower Saxony is a true paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Apart from the diverse water sports opportunities at Bernsteinsee itself, the area attracts with its rich natural landscape, inviting for hiking, cycling, and exploration. Historical cities nearby offer cultural experiences and regional culinary delights. For those seeking relaxation, there are numerous wellness options. This region is ideal for anyone looking for a break in nature without missing out on cultural and culinary experiences.

Guaranteed Smooth Arrival: The Best Routes and Local Mobility

Arrival to Bernsteinsee:

By Car: The region is accessible via well-maintained roads. For electric cars, there is a good charging infrastructure.

By Train: Regional train stations connect to the public transport network, from where Bernsteinsee is easily reachable.

By Plane: Nearby airports offer connections for long-distance travelers. From there, onward travel to Bernsteinsee is possible with rental cars or public transport.

Local Mobility:

The region around Bernsteinsee offers a well-thought-out infrastructure that facilitates the exploration of the surroundings.

Pet-Friendly Workation: Office and Travel with Your Four-Legged Friend

Bernsteinsee offers a dog-friendly workation option where you can bring your four-legged friend. The facility has suitable amenities to ensure the comfort of both guests and their pets. Additional facilities like dog exercise areas and possibly a dog beach contribute to the pet-friendly atmosphere. Please note that additional cleaning fees may apply for pet accommodation.

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