Lietzow Bay

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Between the magic of the Bodden and the chalk cliffs - your inspiring workplace.

Experience the harmonious fusion of work and relaxation on Rügen – Your Workation paradise! 🌊🏖️💼

Are you longing to blend your daily work with the splendor of nature and the refreshing breeze of the sea? Then Lietzow on Rügen is your perfect Workation destination! Here you will be surrounded not only by extensive sandy beaches and fascinating forests, but also by an inspiring work environment that brings your creativity to light.

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Telephone box
Work desk
Outdoor tribune
Meeting rooms
Conference rooms
Coffee, water & tea flat rate
Internet & Wifi
Printer & Scanner
Water sports
SUP hire
Beach access
Summer garden
Bike rental

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Working on site

At Project Bay Lietzow, we offer a variety of work options tailored to your needs. Our Flex-Desks are ideal for those who prefer a changing workspace. They provide you with the flexibility to choose a new spot depending on your mood or task.

Our garden is another attractive work area. Here, you can work amidst nature, enjoying the fresh air and the tranquil surroundings. It's the perfect place to relax and be productive at the same time.

For those who like it cozy, we offer comfortable seating areas. These areas are designed to give a sense of comfort and relaxation, which helps you focus on your work.

The best part about all these workspaces is the view of the water. No matter where you work, you can always enjoy the stunning view of the lagoon. This natural backdrop provides an inspiring environment that enhances your creativity and productivity.

At Project Bay Lietzow, we create a work environment that is both productive and pleasant. Here, you can work, learn, and grow while enjoying the natural beauty of Rügen.

Workshop areas

At Project Bay Lietzow, a spacious conference room is at your disposal on the 4th floor. This room is ideal for workshops, lectures, or team-building events. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it can be flexibly adapted to your specific needs, all with a unique view of the water.

In addition to the indoor spaces, our garden offers a unique outdoor event area. With its own small atrium, it is the perfect setting for events amidst the natural beauty of Lietzow.

Whether you are planning a formal conference, an interactive workshop, or a creative brainstorming session, Project Bay Lietzow provides you with suitable facilities in an inspiring environment.

Discover Lietzow

Lietzow, scenically situated between the Great and Small Jasmunder Bodden on Rügen, offers a unique setting for Workation - working and living in one place. Surrounded by an impressive bodden landscape and dense forests, Lietzow provides the perfect balance between productive work and restorative leisure time.

For work phases, Lietzow offers peace and inspiration. The natural surroundings enhance concentration and creativity, while proximity to nature ensures balance and relaxation. After work, you can take a walk along the scenic cliffs and enjoy the fresh Baltic Sea air.

For those seeking more activity, Lietzow offers a variety of recreational opportunities. There is a wing surfing school on the beach, giving you the chance to try this exciting watersport. A volleyball court and climbing frames provide additional fun and action.

Lietzow is also a place for culinary discoveries. The local fish smokehouse is renowned for its fresh and authentic fish dishes. Here you can end your day with a delicious meal and enjoy the regional specialties.

With its combination of natural beauty, recreational activities, and culinary offerings, Lietzow is the ideal place for your Workation. Here, you can work, relax, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Discover Rügen

Experience a unique Workation on Rügen, surrounded by stunning landscapes and the impressive Jasmund National Park. Enjoy the inspiring view of the Baltic Sea and the fresh sea air while you work productively.

Discover Stralsund, a vibrant Hanseatic city, during your afternoon on Rügen. Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world of the Oceanographic Museum and admire the historic brick architecture, all during your Workation in Germany.

Indulge in the culinary delights of Stralsund, from Rügen potatoes to fresh fish specialties, during your working break on Rügen. Use the diversity of the region to optimally shape your work and leisure time.

The seaside resorts on Rügen, such as Binz, Sellin, Göhren, and Baabe, are perfect spots for your Workation by the Baltic Sea. Take a refreshing dip in the Baltic Sea, enjoy the breathtaking view from the piers, and relax after a productive day of work in the charming cafes and restaurants. Your Workation on Rügen offers the perfect balance between work and relaxation.

Directions / Parking

By car: Lietzow on Rügen is easily accessible via the B96. The well-developed road connection allows for a stress-free journey from all parts of Germany.

By train: Rügen can be reached from many German cities, including Munich, Düsseldorf, or Berlin, with just one transfer. The Lietzow train station is centrally located and well connected to the Deutsche Bahn network.

By bus: There are several long-distance bus lines that connect Rügen with various German cities. The buses are a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to traveling by car or train.

For long-distance travelers, flights to Rostock or Berlin are possible, followed by onward travel by train or bus. On the island, a well-developed network of public transportation ensures mobility. Thus, Lietzow is easily accessible and ideal for your Workation on Rügen.

Animals / Dogs

Dogs Welcome! In the space, dogs are not just allowed, but warmly seen. The adjacent forest is the perfect place for walks with your four-legged friend. Moreover, dogs are also welcome in the nearby Jasmund National Park and the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve.

For those looking to explore the surroundings, there are numerous dog-friendly beaches on Rügen, including Sellin, Binz, Mukran, and Prora. Each beach offers breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and is a fantastic place to unwind after a productive workday.

Please note that for overnight stays, a one-time cleaning fee of 10 € is additionally charged. This ensures that we can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for all our guests.

Lietzow and Rügen offer a dog-friendly environment that is perfect for your Workation. Here, you can work productively while your four-legged companion enjoys the natural beauty of the island.

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