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Mallorca, Island, Mediterranean Sea, Beach, Spain

Welcome to Portocolom – Your perfect place for an unforgettable workation on Mallorca! Combine productive work with the Mediterranean lifestyle. Let yourself be inspired by breathtaking nature, golden beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere while you pursue your professional goals.

Our workation offers create ideal conditions for creative and focused work. Discover new perspectives, experience productive days, and enjoy the diverse leisure opportunities of this idyllic coastal town. 🏖️🌞💼

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Working on site: productivity meets inspiring environment

Welcome to our unique co-working space, where productivity meets a unique environment. Our perfect location right on the bay not only offers breathtaking views but also a plethora of amenities that make your work time even more pleasant.

Our co-working space is more than just a place to work – it's a place where you can be inspired. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the hotel's own premises, which combine the perfect café co-working feeling with the fascinating atmosphere of the sea and bay.

The co-working facilities offer the opportunity for creativity and teamwork outdoors. The outdoor area on the rooftop terrace as well as indoor rooms with a view of the bay create the ideal setting for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Our space is optimally suited for small groups of up to 4-5 people to work together effectively.

If you are looking for a special work environment, we also offer the option to book one of our suites as a Workation Lab. Here you can work in a private atmosphere while enjoying the comfort of a high-quality stay.

Here you will find the perfect place for individuals and small groups who appreciate productive work in an inspiring environment. We offer the ideal mix of work atmosphere and relaxation to make your workation a successful and fulfilling experience.

Work, relax and sleep: enjoy the feeling of being at home

On the picturesque east coast of Mallorca in Portocolom, a retreat awaits you for peace and relaxation, characterized by original Mallorcan beauty and warm hospitality.

Warm natural tones reflecting the surrounding landscape create a maritime atmosphere full of comfort and subtle luxury throughout the hotel. The 60 spacious rooms and suites, some with balconies, terraces, and their own Jacuzzi, are thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail and radiate a palpable appreciation for special materials and hospitality.

Two restaurants, including roof and sun terraces, have something to suit every taste. The restaurants will spoil you with a combination of regional fresh cuisine and natural flavors. A selection of the finest wines perfectly complements this authentic enjoyment.

Whether you want to refresh yourself at the beach or prefer a break in the outdoor pool with an adjoining bar – the hotel offers a central place of well-being. For even deeper relaxation, there is a spa area with a sauna and hammam, where individual wellness offers await you.

Your workday can be designed in a harmonious atmosphere, followed by restful nights and inspiring mornings. This is exactly the right place for your workation to magically combine work, relaxation, and sleep. Here you will find your home away from home.

Discover Portocolom: unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation

With your stay in Portocolom – also affectionately called Porto Colom – you immerse yourself in the true Mallorca, away from the mass tourism areas, experiencing an oasis of peace and serenity.

The picturesque fishing village of Portocolom is the ideal place for those who want to feel the authentic flair of this dreamy Balearic island. Amidst the scenic villages and endless sandy beaches, this coastal town is known for its originality and idyllic atmosphere. Here you can leave the bustling activity behind and experience the authentic Mallorca up close.

The coastline of Portocolom is characterized by a generous natural harbor that not only offers a picturesque backdrop but also breathes history. Traditional fishing boats like the Llauts gently sway in the water, reminiscent of bygone times, while modern sailing yachts complete the picture. A walk along the harbor lets you feel the unmistakable atmosphere of this traditionally Mallorcan village.

The beaches of Portocolom are true oases of tranquility. The fine sandy Cala Murcal and the picturesque S’Arenal beach on a peninsula invite you to relax under the sun and enjoy the view of the natural harbor. Here you experience the beauty of the coast away from the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots.

Portocolom combines maritime flair with modern amenities. The quiet old town and the lively new town district along Cala Marcal offer a variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities. This place shows you Mallorca in its purest form. Portocolom is a gem that carries the soul of the island within it.

With your workation, you dive into a world full of beauty, originality, and Mediterranean lifestyle. Off the beaten path, a place awaits you that inspires you and your work and invites relaxation. Experience Portocolom and feel the charm that makes the island so unique – welcome to this unique piece of Mallorca.

Travelling on Mallorca: what you should have seen

Discover paradise on earth: Mallorca – a place of incomparable beauty that will enchant you with breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and Mediterranean flair. Immerse yourself in a world where relaxing beaches, historical sights, and culinary delights come together.

Mallorca is more than just an island – it is an experience that appeals to all your senses. Let the warm sun kiss you as you relax on one of the many beaches or explore the azure sea. Climb the peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains and enjoy breathtaking views that will take your breath away.

The diversity of the island is also reflected in its cities. Stroll through the charming streets of Palma de Mallorca, the capital, and marvel at the majestic cathedral La Seu. Or explore the picturesque villages where time seems to stand still, like the artist village of Deia or the historic Valldemossa.

The Mallorcan cuisine will delight your taste buds. From fresh fish straight from the sea to traditional tapas – here you will find culinary delights that you won't forget in a hurry. Enjoy a glass of wine at sunset or try the delicious Ensaimadas, a local sweet pastry.

Mallorca also offers a variety of activities for the adventurous. From water sports like diving and sailing to hiking and cycling in nature – there is something for everyone to discover. Explore hidden coves, dive into turquoise bays, and experience unforgettable moments.

Whether you're looking for relaxation, want to explore the culture, or are after adventure – Mallorca will exceed your expectations. The warm hospitality of the locals will make you feel at home, while the beauty of the island captivates you. Book your workation on Mallorca and experience unforgettable moments in a paradise that makes all your dreams come true. Discover the island of light and joie de vivre!

Smooth journey guaranteed: The best routes and mobility on site

Your unforgettable journey to Mallorca starts here – discover the best options for getting from Germany to the enchanting Balearic Island and for being mobile on-site.

The drive from Germany to Mallorca by car is more than just a trip – it's an adventure filled with unforgettable moments. From the freedom of the open road to the sensational views of the coastal landscapes – every stage of your journey will become a part of your unforgettable memories. Your journey begins in Germany, where you comfortably set off in your car heading to the south of Europe. Various ports offer ferry connections to Mallorca, including Barcelona, Valencia, or Genoa. Here you can bring your car on board and enjoy the crossing to the Balearic Island. 

Flying from Germany to Mallorca is one of the fastest ways to reach the island. Many airlines offer direct flights from various German cities. Within a few hours, you find yourself in a Mediterranean paradise. The international airport of Palma de Mallorca is well-connected and offers you an easy and convenient way to arrive.

An environmentally friendly option is traveling by train. Travel comfortably and relaxed from Germany to one of the major train stations that offer connections to Palma de Mallorca. From Barcelona, you can take the ferry which brings you to the island in a few hours. Enjoy the scenery during your train journey and start your Mallorca trip without any rush.

Discover the island once you have arrived in Mallorca, various mobility options are available to you. Rent a car to explore the remote corners and hidden coves of the island. Alternatively, you can also use public transportation, which is well-connected and takes you to the main attractions. Bicycle rental is a great option to explore the island on two wheels and enjoy the fresh air.

No matter which option you choose for your arrival, Mallorca awaits you with open arms. Enjoy the variety of options and discover the Mediterranean paradise at your own pace. Your unforgettable workation begins here – on the way to dreamy beaches, cultural treasures, and an incomparable way of life.

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