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Historic Hanseatic flair combined with modern coworking/workation in Rostock.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Rostock and combine productive work with the historical charm of the Hanseatic city. Our Project Bay Coworking space, located in the heart of Rostock and with a magnificent view of the Warnow, is the intersection of historic ambiance and modern work ethic. Discover our open coworking areas for dynamic networking and our meeting rooms for creative gatherings and workshops.

Take a stroll along the Warnow and experience the pulsating culture and maritime heritage right on your doorstep. With a workation in Rostock, you can expand your professional goals while embarking on new paths in personal development and relaxation. 🌊🏰🖥️

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Working on site: productivity meets inspiring environment

Work in the pulsating heart of Rostock, flanked by historic harbor ambiance and contemporary city life. Our coworking space provides you with an inspiring workplace, surrounded by urban dynamics and close to the Warnow, exuding maritime charm. With a privileged location near the river, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the water and watch the passing ships that enrich your workday.

The premises of our coworking space are carefully equipped to offer you the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Here you will find ergonomic workstations and quiet corners for confidential conversations. The individual desks are ideal for productive work in a focused environment.

For your breaks, the picturesque riverside promenade is the ideal retreat to enjoy a relaxed walk and recharge with fresh energy. In the nearby vicinity, various cafes and restaurants invite you to indulge in diverse culinary offerings.

Our coworking space in Rostock is a firm anchor point for creativity and productivity, from which you have a magnificent view of the Warnow. Here, professional work is combined with a unique city view that accompanies you throughout the day.

After work, the rooftop terrace of our building invites you to relax. Up here, you can enjoy the view over the city and the water with a drink in hand. The rooftop bar becomes the perfect meeting point to wind down the day and network with others in a relaxed atmosphere. Discover a workplace that impresses not only with its location and view but also with the promise of making new contacts in a relaxed environment after work.

Workshops & group work: Creative spaces for effective collaboration

Our coworking space offers the ideal backdrop for teams that want to grow together in a productive environment. Whether for brainstorming, strategy meetings, or creative sessions – there is the option to reserve our space exclusively for your team. Enjoy the opportunity to customize the space according to your ideas and use it for your purposes. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as projectors, whiteboards, and comfortable seating arrangements for effective and pleasant work.

Experience a work atmosphere that flexibly responds to your needs, promotes team dynamics, and provides lasting inspiration.

Work, relax and sleep: enjoy the feeling of being at home

The meticulously furnished rooms and suites at our centrally located Radisson Blu Hotel offer picturesque views of the urban skyline and the flowing waters of the Warnow. Here, you can find tranquility in urban idyll while being just a walk away from the vibrant atmosphere of Rostock. Get swept up in the energy of the city and find inspiration in the modern elegance that surrounds you. You can work both in the stylish interiors and the outdoor areas of the hotel, surrounded by the city's fresh breeze.

Start your day with a balanced breakfast in our restaurant and end it with exquisite culinary creations in the evening. The cuisine seduces with a harmonious composition of local specialties and global flavors.

Our advantageous city location gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy urban life after work. Relaxation can be found in our spacious spa area with saunas, experience showers, and relaxation areas that invite you to unwind. Adding a special touch is the opportunity to use unique leisure activities such as bicycle rental near the hotel.

Discover the seamless fusion of work, relaxation, and experience in our hotel, which offers you a sense of home. Spend your workation in an ambiance that creates the perfect balance between professional work and personal downtime in one of the most lively places in the city.

Discover Rostock: Unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation

Discover the heart of the Hanseatic League in Rostock, where historical splendor meets contemporary dynamism. Immerse yourself in a city that breathes its history and yet pulses in the here and now. Wander through Rostock's alleys, past monumental churches and witnesses of Hanseatic architecture that tell the story of the city.

At the lively city harbor, you experience the interplay of culture and nature. The Warnow river flows gently through the city's structure, offering an idyllic anchorage for modern explorers. Ascend to one of the many vantage points, such as the Warnemünde lighthouse, and enjoy a sweeping view over the cityscape and the water.

Those interested in culture will find plenty to discover in the diverse exhibitions and historical collections of Rostock's museum landscape. Whether you are interested in the maritime past at the Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum or want to admire contemporary creations at the Art Gallery, Rostock offers ample material for wonder and learning.

If you're looking for a break from the hustle and bustle, you'll find your oasis of calm in the city's green spaces. Let your soul dangle on a boat trip along the Warnow and collect stories from the Hanseatic era.

The cuisine in Rostock spoils you with a palette of flavors that stretch from the Baltic Sea to the regional fields. Whether in rustic taverns or elegant restaurants, the culinary treasures of the region are a delight for all senses.

With the evening twilight, Rostock transforms into a place of encounter. Find your favorite spot in one of the atmospheric locales and let the night and its stories envelop you.

Come to Rostock and experience how work and leisure intertwine in this historic yet vibrant Hanseatic city to create an unforgettable experience.

Travelling in Rostock and the surrounding area: what you should have seen

In Rostock and its surrounding areas, Hanseatic history and nature come together to offer a diverse range of experiences. The city itself entices with cultural highlights such as the Rostock Zoo, one of the best zoos in Europe, and the Shipbuilding Museum, which showcases the maritime history of the region. For nature lovers, the IGA Park is a must-visit, featuring expansive gardens, sculptures, and an observation tower.

Just a short drive from the city, the scenery opens up to the picturesque landscapes of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Warnemünde, Rostock's charming seaside resort, offers white sandy beaches and a romantic lighthouse with views of the Baltic Sea. The Warnemünde harbor, where fishing cutters and sailing boats come and go, is a popular spot to enjoy fresh fish and experience the maritime atmosphere.

A bit further afield lies the Rostock Heath, an extensive forest area inviting for long hikes and bike tours. Nearby, one can also find the manor house Groß Potrems, an example of the region's stately homes.

For those interested in history, the town of Bad Doberan with its Doberan Minster, an architectural gem of Brick Gothic, is just a short drive away. From there, you can take a charming ride to the coast aboard the historic steam train "Molli".

Not to be forgotten is the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula, which attracts with its pristine beaches, picturesque fishing villages, and the famous artists' colony of Ahrenshoop. The peninsula is also known for its breathtaking sunsets and is a paradise for bird watchers.

These places are easily accessible by public transport, bike rentals, or well-maintained roads, making day trips and explorations around Rostock straightforward. Whether for a short break after work or an extended weekend, the Rostock region offers a wealth of experiences that promise the perfect mix of relaxation, culture, and nature.

Smooth journey guaranteed: The best routes and mobility on site

To make your arrival and stay in Rostock as pleasant as possible, we have compiled an overview of the best travel options and mobility solutions at your destination.

Getting to Rostock is a breeze thanks to excellent transport connections. You can quickly reach the Hanseatic city via the A19 or A20 motorways. There are plenty of parking options in the city and near our location, so you can start your exploration tour without any worries.

Rostock Central Station is a major hub that you can comfortably reach by train from various parts of Germany. Our location is easily accessible from there on foot or by public transport.

For those coming from afar, Rostock-Laage Airport is available, with flights from several German cities. From the airport, it's a short trip to the city, which you can comfortably make with a rental car or the regularly scheduled shuttle buses.

Within Rostock, the well-developed public transport network offers an eco-friendly way to get around. Buses and trams connect all the essential points of the city, ensuring that you always get to where you want to be.

If you prefer to explore the city on your own, numerous bicycle rental services are available. Experience the fresh breeze of the Baltic Sea as you explore the city and its surroundings on well-developed bike paths.

Rostock's picturesque city center, with its historic buildings and vibrant squares, invites you to stroll around. Here you can immerse yourself in the Hanseatic charm and enjoy urban life.

With these straightforward travel and mobility options, nothing stands in the way of your unforgettable experience in Rostock. Explore the city and its diverse offerings and take lasting impressions home with you.

Pet-friendly workation: Office and travelling with four-legged friends

Our coworking space and hotel in Rostock are pet-friendly. Please note that pets are allowed in guest rooms and selected public areas. However, they are not permitted in the hotel's dining facilities and wellness area. For more detailed information, we kindly ask you to contact us via email. Please note that we charge an additional fee for each pet guest according to our current price list. 

In the surrounding area, there are also dog-friendly parks and beaches where your dog can frolic and play to its heart's content. You and your dog are also warmly welcomed in many restaurants and cafes in Rostock.

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