Waren Bay

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The Müritz offers a workplace that combines nature and work, surrounded by the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Discover a workplace in Waren that radiates uniqueness. Here, the impressive scenery of the Mecklenburg Lake District and your professional activities merge harmoniously. Clear waters and peaceful forests surround you and transform your work into an extraordinary natural experience. Waren is not just a place to work, but a retreat that combines productivity with the enjoyment of nature. 🌳💼🌊

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Working on site: productivity meets inspiring environment

Working on the Project Bay ship at Maremüritz takes the concept of the modern workplace to a new level. Imagine floating on the water as you drive your projects forward. The rhythmic crash of the Müritz waves accompanies your meetings, which take place with a view of the gentle waterscape. Each deck offers an environment that invites both concentration and creativity. Here you can combine productive work with the tranquillity and beauty of the lake. The flexibility and community spirit on board encourage inspiring dialogue between like-minded people. Enjoy the freedom and the fresh breeze while you develop and realise new ideas in our modern, well-equipped rooms. WarenBay offers you not only a place to work, but an experience that revitalises body and mind.

Work, relax and sleep: enjoy the feeling of being at home

Welcome to Waren Bay, the ultimate workation retreat that blurs the lines between work, life enjoyment and deep relaxation. Our resort, nestled in the unspoilt nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District, presents a variety of living spaces designed for both professional use and personal comfort. Here, with a breathtaking view of the calm waters of the Müritz, you will discover a workplace of tranquillity and inspiration.

Let yourself be enchanted by our cuisine, which offers both local specialities and health-conscious options. Every meal will be a feast for the senses, accompanying you on your culinary journey through the region. Waren Bay is a place where you don't have to choose between work and relaxation: Here, the two merge seamlessly. Experience how your productivity reaches new heights thanks to the natural tranquillity and aesthetics of the surroundings.

Discover Waren: unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation

Discover Waren (Müritz), a jewel of the Mecklenburg Lake District, which impresses with its location directly on the shores of Germany's largest inland lake. Stroll along the lively harbour promenade, immerse yourself in history at the Müritzeum or enjoy the view from the historic old town with its lovingly restored buildings.

The Müritz itself is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts: sailing, paddling and swimming in crystal-clear waters. Active holidaymakers can explore nature on the well-developed cycling and hiking trails or follow in the footsteps of the Ice Age. And for relaxation after an eventful day, there are cosy restaurants and cafés serving regional specialities. Waren an der Müritz is therefore the perfect place to combine activity and relaxation.

Travelling along the Müritz and in Waren: What you should have seen

The charming town of Waren an der Müritz is located in the picturesque region of the Mecklenburg Lake District, where crystal-clear lakes and dense forests lie side by side. It serves as the vibrant heart of the area and is a magnet for visitors and professionals who appreciate the unique interplay of nature, culture and business.

Waren offers access to a wealth of leisure activities - from relaxing boat trips on the Müritz to educational visits to the Müritzeum, where you can experience the regional flora and fauna up close. Nearby are other picturesque towns such as Röbel, Malchow and Plau am See, each with their own history and beauty, and all easily accessible by bike, hiking trail or boat.

Each of these places contributes to the economic vitality of the region, be it through traditional craft businesses or innovative companies in the field of renewable energies. The Mecklenburg Lake District has thus established itself not only as a tourist destination, but also as a business location with a strong community of professionals who enjoy the work-life balance in one of Germany's most beautiful natural landscapes.

Smooth journey guaranteed: The best routes and mobility on site

Waren Bay (Project Bay) at MAREMÜRITZ Yachthafen Resort in Waren is easily accessible by various means of transport. By car, it is around 1.5 hours from Berlin and two hours from Hamburg via the A19 motorway. Electric vehicles can be charged at the e-charging infrastructure on site or at the resort itself.

If travelling by train, the ICE train station in Waren (Müritz) is the nearest connection point. From there, the resort can be reached quickly by taxi or bus.

Air travellers can fly to Rostock-Laage, Berlin Brandenburg or Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airports. From these airports, you can either hire a car or use public transport to the train station and get to the resort from there.

Pet-friendly workation: Office and travelling with four-legged friends

Dogs are welcome at Waren Bay (MAREMÜRITZ Yachthafen Resort) in selected holiday flats for a fee. However, it is recommended that you contact the resort prior to arrival to make all necessary arrangements

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